Happy New Year!

Into the Sky

Happy New Year everyone! I hope to begin posting more during the winter, but probably won't really ramp up my posting until spring gets here and the scenery becomes greener and prettier, plus at the moment it is coooooooooooooold outside. 

I enjoyed a great time of ringing in the new year with some family last night and fireworks were part of the celebration. I made sure to have my camera ready to capture some of the fireworks as I had never taken the opportunity to get long exposures of fireworks. This photo is my favorite! This was some sort of twirling firework that twirls on the ground for a second and then shoots/twirls into the sky. I believe I had about 6 second shutter speed set to capture it and wow did it really capture the twirling as it shot into the sky letting you see just about every detail of the sparks and in super sharp focus. I was really suprised at how sharp the images came out with nothing really to focus in on before shooting since it was so dark before the firework was lit. I definitely want to practice more with this in the future. Fun!

I hope your new year is full of God's blessings and grace!

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