About Mississippi in HDR

Hello and welcome to Mississippi in HDR! This is a project that I have been planning for a long time now and am excited to finally see it come to fruition. So what is Mississippi in HDR you ask? First let's discover what HDR photography is.

What is HDR?

Sunset over the Mississippi River in Vicksburg

Basically, HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography is a technique that allows the photographer to capture the entire range of light in a scene (or as much as possible), often through multiple camera exposures that are later blended together in post-processing (my computer!). A camera is only able to capture around 8 f-stops in a scene while the human eye can see around 20 f-stops. Using HDR I attempt to capture what yours/my eyes actually see. This often lends to a very surreal feel to the photograph that is very fun to look at. If you want to read more technical info about HDR Imaging click here.

What is Mississippi in HDR?

Mississippi in HDR is a project that I have been planning for several years now and have really only begun to be serious about in the last year. I have always been captivated by HDR photography through the work of Trey Ratcliff and others, and after learning the technique (and continuing to learn I might add) I always thought that it would be great to showcase the state of Mississippi through this proverbial and literal lens. Mississippi is a wonderful state with more beauty than many outside the state actually know about and I believe that I can capture that through photography. As of right now my portfolio of Mississippi photography is small but I plan, through this site, to expand that by continuous travel throughout the state finding the well known as well as the hidden gems of this great state. So feel free to contact me here to give some suggestions on places to visit and photograph (People or Places). I hope that this project will grow organically into something great and hopefully in the future, not only will it display my photography but hopefully it will showcase other talented photographers in the state.

Who am I?

Matt Warren

My name is Matt Warren and I was born and raised in West Point, MS and still reside in this great state. I have always been interested in photography, especially HDR, so I finally decided to get a decent camera and go to work learning, exploring and taking lots of photos. I am still a work in progress but am continuing to learn and grow as a photographer (and hopefully always will). I'm not one that believes you have to have the greatest equipment to capture a memorable shot. In fact, I was a finalist in a worldwide photography competition for a photo that I took with a Samsung Galaxy that I had at the time (Photoshop FTW!). Having said that I am unashamedly a post-processor of photos, so if you are a purist then hopefully you can overcome that to appreciate my photography. I want to capture what I see and not every photo is perfect straight out of the camera. I like to think of myself as an artist whose canvas is a photo.