Church Door

Fri Oct 27, 2017

Here is another shot from Rodney. I just couldn't take enough photos when I was there, which means I need to go back and do it again. I encourage anybody reading this to go down and visit the old...

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Sun Oct 15, 2017

This building sits next to The Old Country Store in Lorman. I thought it was a nice scene, because I love old buildings and because the trees were blooming with red flowers behind and the sky was...

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White Church

Wed Oct 11, 2017

I found this old church after taking a wrong turn looking for the road to Rodney. I ended up being way off but I at least saw something interesting. This church is about 1/4 mile up the road that...

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Front Door

Thu Oct 5, 2017

This is the front entrance to the Presbyterian church in Rodney, MS. I loved how the light crept in through the slight opening in the door, creating very eerie and dramatic lighting, especially in "...

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Broken Building

Sat Sep 30, 2017

Here is another shot from Rodney, right across the street from the Presbyterian Church. Anyone know what this building used to be?

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Thu Sep 28, 2017

Enjoy today's photo from somewhere in South Mississippi

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Football Stadium

Sat Aug 19, 2017

We stopped at Alcorn State on our way to Port Gibson and other than it being absolutely in the middle of nowhwere, we had a great visit and saw what nice campus they have down there in Lorman,...

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Presbyterian Church

Thu Aug 17, 2017

Rodney was such a great place to visit and very eerie. I could definitely see a horror film shot there. This is the Presbyterian Church there which is know...

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Colored Path

Wed Aug 16, 2017

Here is another photo from the neat ghost town of Rodney. This is, I believe, Mt. Zion Baptist Church (now abandoned) that sits at the end of this dirt road. I really liked how it looked from this...

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Old Country Store

Sun Aug 13, 2017

This is the Old Country Store in Lorman in Jefferson County right off of Hwy. 61, just north of Natchez. We were told to be sure and stop here...

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