Sunset Over 82 & Camera Phone Photo

Sunset Over 82 & Camera Phone Photo

I was on the way home from work one day and I saw this amazing sunset and I almost missed it trying to find a place to pull over and really get a good shot. I ended up just pulling off on to an exit and parking my car right next to an overpass and voila! What an amazing sky painted by the Master Artist (No, I'm not talking about myself). These are can't miss types of sunsets.

So though I don't currently use expensive camera equipment I thought I would show just how much you can get out of any camera that you use, even a camera phone.


This is a photo I took with a Samsung Galaxy phone that I had at the time (I'm an Apple man now). I snapped this photo right before a musical called the Music Man that I was a part of in West Point a few years back. After some post processing in Photoshop this was the final result.

After entering this into an international photography competition I was short listed and published in a book. From a photo taken with a cell phone mind you. Sometimes you just need to add some creativity to make something beautiful.

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