Stream at Red Bluff

Stream at Red Bluff

While at Red Bluff we hiked down one of the trails that lead to some railroad tracks and a stream that ran under the tracks. I think this stream feeds into the Pearl River which is nearby. Although this isn't much of a waterfall I thought I would try to get a moving water photo and this was the result. It was a perfect day to visit Red Bluff and we had a ton of fun hiking there.

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Red Bluff Tracks - Foxworth

Thu Jun 18, 2015

We hiked down one of the trails at Red Bluff when we were there all the way down to the railroad tracks.

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Water Flow
Water Flow

Water Flow

Sun May 1, 2016

I really like this photo that I took in a creek at the bottom of Red Bluff in Foxworth (Mississippi's Little Grand Canyon).

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Sat Oct 3, 2015

It's been a little while since I last posted a photo from Red Bluff.

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