A Rural Cabin And The Use of Textures

A Rural Cabin And The Use of Textures

This is a cabin that a wonderful friend let us stay in so that we could get some photos in South Mississippi. In fact while we were that on that weekend, my wife and I explored about 7 counties and I got some great photos, especially in Pearl River County. The photo that I posted of this creek were actually taken behind this cabin.

I have always likes playing around with textures on photos way before I ever got into HDR photography, because they can sometimes take a normal non-artistic photo and make it look interesting. Often when I'm out shooting I will see interesting textures and take a photo of it to possibly use later. Some of them work great and some not as much. I actually used two textures on this photo, one of concrete and the other of a metal walkway. I added them in Photoshop as layers and used a different blending mode on each texture. For the concrete I used a hard light blending mode and for the metal texture a Pin Light blending mode. I don't always use those specific blending modes, I just like to play around with different ones until I figure out which one works best. Being a Graphic Design major I learned Photoshop a long time ago and have always known my way around it pretty well, so I have always played around with it's seemingly endless features. Having said that, I don't use Photoshop very often on my photos, but instead use Photomatix for HDR and LightRoom for color correcting and adjustments. I use Photoshop for any manipulation (such as removing power lines that get in the way or other subtle manipulations).

I really liked this shot on its own, but just though some texture would look really nice. So I encourage you to get out and find some textures and play around with them in your photos from time to time, if no other reason than to learn how it works and get more familiar with Photshop or whatever you use to edit/manipulate photos. More importantly, have fun with it and create something interesting.

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