On the Road Again

On the Road Again

This was a gorgeous sunset that I was able to capture this past weekend. Lately the sky has been so crystal clear that it's been hard to get a good sunst or sunrise. Clouds really do make all the difference in landscape photos. They help to reflect the sun's light and create all kinds of magnificent colors. Even in the middle of the afternoon you need clouds to create more interesting elements in a shot. Here's hoping for more sunset/sunrise clouds in the near future.

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Windmill at Sunrise

Thu Apr 9, 2015

The windmill is the symbol of West Point as it greets you a few miles outside of town on Highway 50. I woke up pretty early on a Saturday to get this shot.

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Clock Tower
Clock Tower

Clock Tower

Sun May 15, 2016

Almost all of the HDR photos that I take are taken with my 19mm Sigma Wide Angle lens because it works better for most landscape shots.

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Commerce at Christmas - West Point

Mon Jul 6, 2015

Took this shot on Christmas Eve of Commerce Street in West Point.

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