Mini Horse

Mini Horse

If you are ever on the Natchez Trace Parkway in or near Choctaw County I encourage you to stop by the French Camp Historic Site. It's a cool piece of preserved history and you can see it all in a pretty short amount of time, unless you take lots of photos like I do. One of my favorite parts was the miniature horses there that you can watch and even pet, oh, and also photograph. I love how the colors turned out in this shot with the ivy against the wooden building, and of course that cute little horse walking towards me.

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Mini Horses
Mini Horses

Mini Horses

Thu Feb 16, 2017

This is from a nice little stop along the Natchez Trace called the French Camp Historic Site.

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Miniature Horse Barn - French Camp

Fri May 8, 2015

I was so happy to see these miniature horses in French Camp that I took a billion photos of them. It was by far my favorite part of my visit in French Camp.

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Old Tractor - French Camp

Wed Nov 11, 2015

This is from the French Camp Historic site located on the Natchez Trace in, of course, French Camp. Really cool place!

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