Lit Alley

Lit Alley

I love this little alley in downtown Columbus, especially at night with all of the glowing bulbs lighting up the ivy and shrubbery. It's a great go to spot for portrait photography and I think there are a few apartments located there as well, or at least access to apartments.

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Columbus Lock & Dam

Thu Feb 12, 2015

This is a photo of the Lock & Dam in Columbus on a very windy day.

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Sun Oct 22, 2017

So I went out on a limb this time and tried to figure out what type of plane this is and from what I found, I do believe this is a C-130 Hercules, a plane which has many different functions.

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Foggy Evening - Columbus

Fri Oct 2, 2015

I love taking photos whne it's foggy out, especially at night. It creates so much mystery and mystique in the photo that really appeals to me.

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