Happy Birthday to MSHDR + A Discount

Bell Sun Flare

Today is a big milestone! It marks one year of mississippiinhdr.com. When I started this project I don't think I really knew what a challenge it would be to post a photo every single day, no days off. I also didn't realize how much fun it would be and how much I would learn. When I look at my progress over the past year, and even more so over the past two years (when I actually dove into HDR) I am overwhelmed at how much I have learned, both through trial and error and throught the inspiration of other people's photography. I have had a blast and I look forward every single day to sharing a new photo with you (some better than others). I don't feel like every photo is a masterpiece, and I love some photos much more than others and have my own favorites, but it's fun and interesting, as well as often surprising, to see how people respond to each photo. If you've been with me from day one, then thank you for sticking with me and continuing to encourage me (you haven't gone unnoticed). If you are new to my photography, then I hope you will stick around as I continue to try to learn and improve day by day. 1 year down doesn't mean that the photos will stop each day, rather I hope that 1 year from now I will posting my 730th photo... in a row.

To celebrate 1 year of my photos I am making my entire Mississippi in HDR gallery prints available for 25% off, but only for the next two days. Use the code ONEYEAR at checkout for your discount, but do it soon!

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Yellow Train - McComb

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Abandoned Tracks
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