Flowing Dam

Flowing Dam

This is a shot of the Columbus Lock & Dam. When I lived in Columbus it was a good place nearby to get some good photos, especially at sunset. I liked to take photos of the dam when it was open because I could play with slightly longer exposures to practice getting those types of photos. I actually took this particular photo with a vintage lens mounted to my Sony camera with an adapter mount, which turned a 50mm lens into about a 75mm lens to create a more cropped image. I really like how this image turned out as I usually shoot HDR with my 19mm wide angle lens, though I am shooting more with my 50mm for different looks in my photos. It's fun to play around and see what works and what doesn't.

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Two Years!

Wed Feb 8, 2017

Today marks two years of Mississippi in HDR. That means for the last 728 days I have successfully posted a photo.

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Classic Corvette - Columbus

Sun Jun 7, 2015

The first thing I saw when I went to the Market Street Festival in Columbus was the car show, and since I pretty much carry my camera everywhere I go, I took advantage of it.

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Dreamy Path
Dreamy Path

Dreamy Path

Wed Dec 30, 2015

Here's another photo from Plymouth Bluff standing in roughly the same spot I stood in the photo I posted two days ago, only looking in a different direction.

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