Fence Line

Fence Line

This photo is from Western Clay County, waaaaay out in the county. I got to see this awesome sunset as I was riding around looking for a good spot to photograph. I saw the barn in the distance and thought it looked great against the beautiful sky. Unfortunately, when I see scenes like this I can't just walk onto private land and explore, because that's trespassing, so I always have stand at the fence line and get the best shot I can. I think this one turned out pretty good.

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Moon Over a Gazeebo
Moon Over a Gazeebo

Moon Over a Gazeebo

Mon May 30, 2016

Here is a photo of the gazeebo at Sally Kate Winters Park in the heart of downtown West Point at night.

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Commerce Street in West Point

Thu Feb 19, 2015

I'm excited to finally reveal one of the many photos of my hometown, West Point, MS. This is Commerce St. downtown and I took this photo standing in front of the City Hall building.

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High School Cross - West Point

Fri Sep 4, 2015

Loved this scene near sunset in West Point in front of West Point High School.

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