Delta Hay Bails

Delta Hay Bails

During my delta trip last October I ventured off the main roads and onto the Mississippi River levee. As I rode on the narrow levee road I began to see signs that lead me to believe that I want supposed to be driving my car on it. You know, signs like "Authorized Vehicles Only". Before I turned back to find my way off the levee I spotted some hay bails in a field so I parked my car, ran down the hill and shot this photo super quick, then jumped back in my car and got back on an authorized road. I like to live on the edge! I gave this photo a bit of a vintage look, which I thought worked out well. I've been playing a lot with different looks, colors, feels, etc., which you may have noticed lately in my work. Sometimes photos need it and sometimes they don't. I feel this one was a success. 

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