Columbus Sunset

Columbus Sunset

Last week I made a last second decision to go catch a sunrise and one of my go to places is the lock and dam. I drove to the parking lot at the top of the hill there by the ampitheater and took some photos looking out to where the Tombigbee River runs into Columbus Lake. Whenever I take sunset photos I always look behind me because you will almost always see some wonderful colors there and this was the result of that. That is the old Woody's restaraunt in the distance. The orange clouds were awesome!

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Snow Runner - Columbus

Wed Jul 1, 2015

Although the heat outside has subsided a little the last few days, it's still pretty humid, per the usual. Don't worry though, because here is a snow photo that will cool you off.

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Lake Lowndes

Wed Mar 18, 2015

This is a photo of Lake Lowndes in Columbus. This is pretty much just a straight forward HDR shot with some nice colors in the trees and blues in the sky and water reflections.

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Tiny Fair
Tiny Fair

Tiny Fair

Sat Jun 18, 2016

Here's another shot from the fair using tilt-shift. I love tilt-shift photography and I use to make tilt-shift photos when I had a cheap little camera.

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