Clock Tower

Clock Tower

I suggest a visit to Holly Springs if you are ever travelling up or down Hwy. 78 near Memphis. It's a beautiful little town full of history and lots of great old homes. I took this on Thanksgiving day when the leaves were all kinds of beautiful colors, making for some great scenes to photograph. I only wish the sky had been a lot clearer.

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Christ Church Rectory

Sat Dec 10, 2016

These trees in Holly Springs really caught my attention as I was walking around town.

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Autumn Colors

Sat Dec 3, 2016

I made a stop in Holly Springs recently, and though I've been through there before, I'd never stopped to take photos. What a beautiful little town.

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Fallen Leaves
Fallen Leaves

Fallen Leaves

Sun Dec 11, 2016

Here is a closer look of yesterday's scene from Holly Springs. These trees were so beautiful with the bright yellow leaves, creating a yellow carpet in the yard as they fell off of the tree.

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