Brick Pathway

Brick Pathway

One of the benefits of working for Mississippi State University is having easy access to such a beautiful campus. I have often gone out at lunch or after work and taken shots around campus when the weather is really nice. This was actually taken after work about an hour before sunset that day in early fall, when the green leaves were mixed with the orange and yellow leaves making for some nice colors.

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Wed Mar 25, 2015

Cemeteries can be a great place for photos, especially ones that have statues or large tombstones.

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Statue Reflection
Statue Reflection

Statue Reflection

Wed Apr 5, 2017

Enjoy this photo of the bust of Mississippi State's first president Stephen D. Lee. 

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Broken Columns

Mon Feb 29, 2016

So I went walking around campus a little bit today on what is an absolutely beautiful day! Of course I took my camera with me and snapped some shots along the way.

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