Backhoe at Sunset

Backhoe at Sunset

The snow is currently falling outside of my house here in Columbus as I type this! Hopefully it will stick and I can take my first HDR snow photos (Finger crossed).

I found this backhoe and some other equipment next to the railroad tracks here in Columbus one day at sunset. I didn't think there was anything special about it other than the sunset which had some nice colors, but this turned out to be a nice shot with the added yellow of the backhoe. The tree on the right kind of balances it out. Sometimes you just take a bunch of shots and hope for the best and sometimes you get some good ones. That's the great thing about digital photography, you can shoot as much as your SD cards will allow you (which is a ton by the way). So go out and shoot and have fun and maybe something great will come out of it, and if not... well... at least you had fun doing it and that counts for something.

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