Back Road

Back Road

Sometimes I like to just get out and explore the back roads near my home, my work, or wherever I happen to be at the time. 95% of the time I find several thing worth photographing. There are interesting things outside the city limits if you just go out and find them. Get out and explore!

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Chadwick Lake - MSU

Mon Sep 21, 2015

I don't often (ever) do this, but I am posting a photo I literally took about 3 hours ago on my lunch break.

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Railroad Pines
Railroad Pines

Railroad Pines

Sun Feb 28, 2016

I took this shot from my car as I stopped on the tracks (It was not a busy road!).

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Autumn Pond - Starkville

Thu Dec 3, 2015

I love fall colors and though they are starting to fade away with winter soon approaching I was able to capture this fall scene while returning from a trip to the Noxubee Refuge.

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