Around the Bend

Around the Bend

Enjoy another photo from the excellent Pearl River County sunrise. I am getting close to exhausting all of the photo I took on this morning, but don't worry, I think I have a few more to show you in the future. Looking forward to more weather and scenery like this.

I've been itching to get out and shoot some sunrises and sunsets but time and weather keep getting in the way. Soon that all will hopefully change, because Spring is in the air and those sunrises aren't going to shoot themselves.

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First Baptist - Poplarville

Thu Jul 23, 2015

After I took some sunrise photos in rural Pearl River County I ventured into Poplarville for a bit wanting to get some shots of downtown.

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Colorful Morning

Wed May 25, 2016

I was so excited to find this little spot in Pearl River County on my visit there last year. The sunrise couldn't have been any better and those are not easy to come by.

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Gate at Sunrise - Pearl River County

Mon Jun 8, 2015

As we were driving to the cabin my wife and I stayed in near Poplarville we drove down this road and I thought it would be a good place to catch a sunrise the next day, so I woke up early the next

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